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Due to my own experiences, I know that the academic world has a lot of challenges. How to keep a good work/life balance, taking into account the manifold expectations and demands in teaching, research and administration - and the private life? Do I want to stay in academia or leave after finishing a degree or project? How to cope with a challenging boss and/or colleagues? What is my next step and how/when is it the time to take a decision? Which one is the right one for me in this moment or in this phase?

In my view and experience, coaching is not about giving the answers to these questions. It is about assisting the coachee in finding his/her own answers, in his/her time and his/her own way. It is about listening, asking (a lot of!) questions - and helping to find the 'click moment', where the answer(s) appear(s).

In order to help others find their way to their answer(s) in the challenging academic field - and to strengthen my capacities and skills in guidance and counselling of the students - I finished a 1-year-training (195 units) to become professional Coach at the VNB e.V. (Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen, Hannover). The training follows the standards of the IHK (Industrie- und Handelskammer).

If my perception of coaching sounds appealing to you and if you want to find your answer(s) in the challenges of the academic world with my assitance, feel free to contact me for further details and my terms and conditions.

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